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Weijer, Cornelis J.; Duschl, Gertrud and David, Charles N. (1984): DEPENDENCE OF CELL-TYPE PROPORTIONING AND SORTING ON CELL CYCLE PHASE IN DICTYOSTELIUM DISCOIDEUM. In: Journal of Cell Science, Vol. 70, No. 1: pp. 133-145 [PDF, 738kB]


The relationship between the cell cycle phase of vegetative amoebae and prestalk and prespore differentiation in the slug stage were investigated in the slime mould Dictyostelium discoideum. Cells were synchronized by release from the stationary phase. Samples were taken at various times during the course of a synchronous cell doubling, fluorescently labelled and mixed with cells of random cell cycle phase from exponentially growing cultures. The fate of the fluorescently labelled cells was recorded at the slug stage. Cells early in the cycle exhibit strong prestalk sorting; cells taken later in the cycle exhibit strong prespore sorting. The period of prestalk sorting occurs immediately following mitosis and lasts about 1 h in a cell cycle of about 7 h duration. Accompanying the altered sorting behaviour is a marked change in the prestalk-prespore proportions in slugs formed from synchronized populations of cells. Cells synchronized early in the cycle form slugs with 55 % prespore cells; cells synchronized late in the cycle form slugs with 90% prespore. The results are discussed in terms of models for the formation of the prestalk-prespore pattern in slugs.

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