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Lunkenheimer, P.; Krohns, S.; Gemander, F.; Schmahl, Wolfgang W. and Loidl, A. (2014): Dielectric Characterization of a Nonlinear Optical Material. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 4, 6020 [PDF, 536kB]


Batisite was reported to be a nonlinear optical material showing second harmonic generation. Using dielectric spectroscopy and polarization measurements, we provide a thorough investigation of the dielectric and charge-transport properties of this material. Batisite shows the typical characteristics of a linear lossy dielectric. No evidence for ferro- or antiferroelectric polarization is found. As the second-harmonic generation observed in batisite points to a non-centrosymmetric structure, this material is piezoelectric, but most likely not ferroelectric. In addition, we found evidence for hopping charge transport of localized charge carriers and a relaxational process at low temperatures.

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