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David, Charles N.; Fujisawa, Toshitaka and Bosch, Thomas C. G. (1991): Interstitial Stem Cell Proliferation in Hydra: Evidence for Strain-Specific Regulatory Signals. In: Developmental Biology, Vol. 148, No. 2: pp. 501-507 [PDF, 3MB]

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We have examined the growth behavior of small numbers of interstitial stem cells transplanted into tissue of genetically unrelated strains of Hydra magnipapillata. We show that such stem cells, which are at low density following transplantation, proliferate more rapidly than the stem cells of the host, which are at normal density. The rapid proliferation is similar to the proliferation rate of stem cells transplanted into interstitial cell free tissue. The results suggest that stem cells transplanted into heterotypic tissue are unable to “sense” the presence of host stem cells and to adopt their growth rate to that of the surrounding cells. Thus, the feedback signal which negatively regulates stem cell growth as a function of stem cell density must be strain specific.

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