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Fujisawa, Toshitaka; David, Charles N.; Bosch, Thomas C. G. (1990): Transplantation stimulates interstitial cell migration in hydra. In: Developmental Biology, Vol. 138, No. 2: pp. 509-512


Migration of interstitial cells and nerve cell precursors was analyzed in Hydra magnipapillata and Hydra vulgaris (formerly Hydra attenuata). Axial grafts were made between [3H]thymidine-labeled donor and unlabeled host tissue. Migration of labeled cells into the unlabeled half was followed for 4 days. The results indicate that the rate of migration was initially high and then slowed on Days 2–4. Regrafting fresh donor tissue on Days 2–4 maintained high levels of migration. Thus, migration appears to be stimulated by the grafting procedure itself.