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Hobmayer, Engelbert; Holstein, Thomas W. and David, Charles N. (1990): Tentacle morphogenesis in hydra. II. Formation of a complex between a sensory nerve cell and a battery cell. In: Development, Vol. 109, No. 4: pp. 897-904 [PDF, 1MB]

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Differentiation of sensory nerve cells in tentacles of Hydra magnipapillata was investigated using the monoclonal antibody NV1. NV1+ sensory nerve cells form specific complexes with battery cells in tentacles. NV1+ cells can only be formed by differentiation from interstitial cell precursors. These precursors complete a terminal cell cycle in the distal gastric region at the base of tentacles; differentiation from the S/G2 boundary to expression of the NV1 antigen requires 30h. During this time, precursors move from the distal gastric region into the tentacles, differentiate to morphologically fully formed nerve cells and then begin expressing NV1 antigen. The neuropeptide head activator stimulates NV1+ differentiation in S-phase of the precursor's cell cycle.

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