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Shaverdo, Helena; Sagata, Katayo; Panjaitan, Rawati; Menufandu, Herlina and Balke, Michael (2014): Description of 23 new species of the Exocelina ekari-group from New Guinea, with a key to all representatives of the group (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Copelatinae). In: Zookeys, No. 468: pp. 1-83 [PDF, 15MB]

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Twenty three new species of Exocelina Broun, 1886 from New Guinea are described herein: E. bewaniensis sp. n.,E. bismarckensis sp. n.,E. craterensis sp. n.,E. gorokaensis sp. n.,E. herowana sp. n.,E. jimiensis sp. n.,E. kisli sp. n.,E. ksionseki sp. n.,E. lembena sp. n.,E. mantembu sp. n.,E. michaelensis sp. n.,E. pinocchio sp. n.,E. pseudoastrophallus sp. n.,E. pseudobifida sp. n.,E. pseudoedeltraudae sp. n.,E. pseudoeme sp. n.,E. sandaunensis sp. n.,E. simbaiarea sp. n.,E. skalei sp. n.,E. tabubilensis sp. n.,E. tariensis sp. n.,E. vovai sp. n.,and E. wannangensis sp. n. All of them have been found to belong to the E. ekari-group. An identification key to all known species of the group is provided, and important diagnostic characters (habitus, color, male antennae, protarsomeres 4-5, median lobes, and parameres) are illustrated. Data on the distribution of the new species and some already described species are given.

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