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Lorenz, Jeanette Miriam (2014): New ATLAS results in inclusive searches for supersymmetric squarks and gluinos. 2nd International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics 2013, Kolymbari,Crete, Greece, 28 August - 5 September 2013. EPJ Web of Conferences. Vol. 71, 00075 Red Hook, NY: Edition Diffusion Presse Sciences. [PDF, 279kB]


Despite the absence of experimental evidence, weak-scale supersymmetry remains one of the best motivated and most studied Standard Model extensions. These proceedings summarise recent results from the ATLAS experiment at the LHC on inclusive searches for supersymmetric squarks and gluinos in events containing jets, missing transverse momentum, and possibly isolated leptons in R-parity conserving scenarios.

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