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Wolter, H. H.; Zielinska-Pfabe, M.; Decowski, P.; Colonna, M.; Bougault, R.; Chbihi, A. (2014): Symmetry Energy Dependence of Light Fragment Production in Heavy Ion Collisions. In: inpc 2013 - International Nuclear Physics Conference, Vol. 1, Vol. 66, 03097


We study the pre-equilibrium light cluster emission in low to intermediate energy heavy ion collisions in transport simulations as a means to obtain information about the density and momentum dependence of the nuclear symmetry potential, i.e. about the asy-stiffness and the neutron-proton effective mass splitting of the symmetry energy. We find that the study of n/p and t/He-3 ratios as a function of the energy of the emitted particles may allow to disentangle these two behaviors The t/He-3 ratios appear to carry similar information as the n/p ratios, making this a promising option for experimental investigations. More n-rich systems enhance the sensitivity to the symmetry energy, while double ratios between n-rich and n-poor systems tend to reduce it. A preliminary comparison to experimental data for the Xe-136, Xe-124 + (124, 112) Sn systems is also shown.