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Agrawal, A. (2014): Rydberg atom in gravity. In: Vishwa Mimansa: An interpretative Exposition of The Universe. Proceedings of The 7th International Conference On Gravitation and Cosmology, Vol. 484, 012051

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The local position invariance of a physical system is examined using a Rydberg atom and the universality of free fall is found to be invalid for a quantum system. A Rydberg atom is analysed in Newtonian gravity and curved space. The energy is found to vary as n(2) for very large values of the principal quantum number n. The change in energy is calculated using this formalism and compared to a similar calculation by Chiao. The value that we have got from our calculation is found to be 6 orders higher in magnitude than Chiao's value. These results can be of significance in gravitational redshift experiements proposed by Muller et al and Wolf et al

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