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Horvatits, Thomas; Kneidinger, Nikolaus; Drolz, Andreas; Roedl, Kevin; Rutter, Karoline; Kluge, Stefan; Trauner, Michael and Fuhrmann, Valentin (2015): Prognostic impact of ICG-PDR in patients with hypoxic hepatitis. In: Annals of intensive Care, Vol. 5, 47 [PDF, 1MB]

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Background: Hepatic impairment is found in up to 20 % in critically ill patients. Hypoxic/ischemic hepatitis (HH) is a diffuse hepatic damage associated with high morbidity and mortality. Indocyanine green plasma disappearance rate (ICG-PDR) is an effective tool assessing liver function in acute and chronic hepatic diseases. Aim of this study was to evaluate the prognostic impact of ICG-PDR in comparison to established parameters for risk stratification. Methods: Patients with HH were included in this prospective observational study and compared to cirrhosis, acute liver failure (ALF) and patients without underlying liver disease. ICG-PDR, measured non-invasively by finger pulse densitometry, was assessed on admission and in patients with HH serially and results were compared between groups. Diagnostic test accuracy of ICG-PDR predicting 28-day mortality was analyzed by receiver operating characteristics (ROC). Results: ICG-PDR on admission was significantly lower in patients with liver diseases than in patients without hepatic impairment (median 5.7 %/min, IQR 3.8-7.9 vs. 20.7 %/min, IQR 14.1-25.4 %/min;p < 0.001). ICG-PDR predicted 28-day mortality independently of SOFA score and serum lactate in patients with underlying liver disease (HR 1.27, 95 % CI 1.10-1.45, p < 0.001). In patients with HH, ICG-PDR was identified as best predictor of 28-day mortality which performed significantly better than SOFA, lactate, INR and AST over course of time (p < 0.05). Best cut-off for identification of 28-day survivors was ICG-PDR >= 9.0 %/min 48 h after admission. Conclusions: ICG-PDR is an independent predictor of mortality in patients with liver disease. Diagnostic test accuracy of ICG-PDR was superior to standard liver function parameters and established scoring systems in patients with HH.

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