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Klapötke, Thomas M.; Schmid, Philipp C. and Stierstorfer, Jörg (2015): Crystal Structures of Furazanes. In: Crystals, Vol. 5, No. 4: pp. 418-432 [PDF, 1MB]

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Several nitrogen-rich salts of 3-nitramino-4-nitrofurazane and dinitraminoazoxyfurazane were synthesized and characterized by various spectroscopic methods. The crystal structures were determined by low temperature single crystal X-ray diffraction. Moreover the sensitivities toward thermal and mechanical stimuli were determined by differential thermal analysis (DTA) and BAM (Bundesanstalt fur Materialforschung und -prufung) methods. The standard enthalpies of formation were calculated for all compounds at the CBS-4M level of theory, and the energetic performance was predicted with the EXPLO5 V6.02 computer code.

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