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Gautret, Philippe; Mockenhaupt, Frank P.; Sonnenburg, Frank von; Rothe, Camilla; Libman, Michael; Winkel, Kristina van De; Bottieau, Emmanuel; Grobusch, Martin P.; Hamer, Davidson H.; Esposito, Douglas H.; Parola, Philippe and Schlagenhauf, Patricia (2015): Local and International Implications of Schistosomiasis Acquired in Corsica, France. In: Emerging infectious Diseases, Vol. 21, No. 10: pp. 1865-1868 [PDF, 534kB]


We report 11 cases of schistosomiasis in international travelers who had bathed in rivers in Corsica, France, during 2012-2014. The infections were diagnosed in 2014 and reported to the Geo Sentinel Surveillance Network and European Travel Medicine Network. Travelers can be sentinels for emerging infections;thus, this situation warrants a concerted human and veterinary epidemiologic response.

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