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Pruenster, Monika; Kurz, Angela R. M.; Chung, Kyoung-Jin; Cao-Ehlker, Xiao; Bieber, Stephanie; Nussbaum, Claudia F.; Bierschenk, Susanne; Eggersmann, Tanja K.; Rohwedder, Ina; Heinig, Kristina; Immler, Roland; Moser, Markus; Koedel, Uwe; Gran, Sandra; McEver, Rodger P.; Vestweber, Dietmar; Verschoor, Admar; Leanderson, Tomas; Chavakis, Triantafyllos; Roth, Johannes; Vogl, Thomas and Sperandio, Markus (2015): Extracellular MRP8/14 is a regulator of β2 integrin-dependent neutrophil slow rolling and adhesion. In: Nature Communications, Vol. 6, 6915 [PDF, 784kB]


Myeloid-related proteins (MRPs) 8 and 14 are cytosolic proteins secreted from myeloid cells as proinflammatory mediators. Currently, the functional role of circulating extracellular MRP8/14 is unclear. Our present study identifies extracellular MRP8/14 as an autocrine player in the leukocyte adhesion cascade. We show that E-selectin-PSGL-1 interaction during neutrophil rolling triggers Mrp8/14 secretion. Released MRP8/14 in turn activates a TLR4-mediated, Rap1-GTPase-dependent pathway of rapid beta 2 integrin activation in neutrophils. This extracellular activation loop reduces leukocyte rolling velocity and stimulates adhesion. Thus, we identify Mrp8/14 and TLR4 as important modulators of the leukocyte recruitment cascade during inflammation in vivo.

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