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Weiss, Frederik; Schnabel, Anke; Planatscher, Hannes; Berg, Bart H. J. van den; Serschnitzki, Bettina; Nuessler, Andreas K.; Thasler, Wolfgang E.; Weiss, Thomas S.; Reuss, Matthias; Stoll, Dieter; Templin, Markus F.; Joos, Thomas O.; Marcus, Katrin and Poetz, Oliver (2015): Indirect protein quantification of drug-transforming enzymes using peptide group-specific immunoaffinity enrichment and mass spectrometry. In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 5, 8759 [PDF, 572kB]


Immunoaffinity enrichment of proteotypic peptides, coupled with selected reaction monitoring, enables indirect protein quantification. However the lack of suitable antibodies limits its widespread application. We developed a method in which multi-specific antibodies are used to enrich groups of peptides, thus facilitating multiplexed quantitative protein assays. We tested this strategy in a pharmacokinetic experiment by targeting a group of homologous drug transforming proteins in human hepatocytes. Our results indicate the generic applicability of this method to any biological system.

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