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Jolie, J.; Régis, J. -M.; Wilmsen, D.; Ahmed, S.; Pfeiffer, M.; Saed-Samii, N.; Warr, N.; Blanc, A.; Jentschel, M.; Köster, U.; Mutti, P.; Soldner, T.; Simpson, G.; France, G. de; Urban, W.; Drouet, F.; Vancraeyenest, A.; Baczyk, P.; Czerwinski, M.; Korgul, A.; Mazzocchi, C.; Rzaca-Urban, T.; Bruce, A.; Roberts, O. J.; Fraile, L. M.; Mach, H.; Paziy, V.; Ignatov, A.; Ilieva, S.; Kroell, Th.; Scheck, M.; Thuerauf, M.; Ivanova, D.; Kisyov, S.; Lalkovski, S.; Podolyák, Zs.; Regan, P. H.; Korten, W.; Zielinska, M.; Salsac, M. D.; Habs, D.; Thirolf, P. G.; Ur, C. A.; Bernards, C.; Casten, R. F.; Cooper, N.; Werner, V.; Cakirli, R. B.; Leoni, S.; Benzoni, G.; Bocchi, G.; Bottoni, S.; Crespi, F. C. L.; Fornal, B.; Cieplicka, N.; Szpak, B.; Petrache, C. M.; Leguillon, R.; John, R.; Lorenz, C.; Massarczyk, R.; Schwengner, R.; Curien, D.; Lozeva, R.; Sengele, L.; Marginean, N.; Lica, R. (2015): The (n, gamma) campaigns at EXILL. In: Cgs15 - Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Related Topics, Vol. 93, 01014


At the PF1B cold neutron beam line at the Institut Laue Langevin, the EXILL array consisting of EXOGAM, GASP and ILL-Clover detectors was used to perform (n, gamma) measurements at very high coincidence rates. About ten different reactions were measured in autumn 2012 using a highly collimated cold neutron beam. In spring 2013, the EXOGAM array was combined with 16 LaBr3(Ce) scintillators in the EXILL&FATIMA campaign for the measurement of lifetimes using the generalised centroid difference method. We report on the properties of the set-ups and present first results from both campaigns.

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