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Larraín, Juan; Carter, Benjamin; Shaw, Blanka; Hentschel, Joern; Strozier, LynikaS.; Furuki, Tatsuwo; Heinrichs, Jochen; Crandall-Stotler, Barbara; Engel, John; Konrat, Matt von (2015): The resurrection of Neohattoria Kamim. (Jubulaceae, Marchantiophyta): a six decade systematic conflict resolved through a molecular perspective. In: Phytokeys, Vol. 50: pp. 101-122


The systematic placement of Frullania herzogii has been contentious since its description six decades ago. Over the years it has been interpreted as either a member of the genus Frullania or segregated into its own genus, Neohattoria, due to morphological similarities with both Frullania and Jubula. Here we provide molecular evidence that supports the recognition of the genus Neohattoria and its inclusion within the Jubulaceae, together with Jubula and Nipponolejeunea. Jubulaceae are placed sister to Lejeuneaceae rather than to the monogeneric Frullaniaceae.