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Büssow, Harald; Marc-Martin, S.; Eichhorn, Werner; Sidoti, J.; Fryder, V. (1987): Characterization of a Second Bovine Rotavirus Serotype. In: Archives of Virology, Vol. 94, Nr. 1-2: S. 29-41


Bovine rotavirus (BRV) V 1005 was characterized by two-way cross-neutralization tests as a second serotype of BRV. Virions and inner shell particles of 65 nm and 55 nm diameter respectively, and empty capsids of 65 nm and 55 nm diameter were separated by density gradient centrifugation. Three polypeptides of molecular weight 60,000, 36,000 and 28,000 (minor protein) could be identified in the outer shell of virions and in the larger empty capsids. Inner shell particles contained three polypeptides of molecular weight 105,000, 83,000 and 43,000. Both sizes of empty capsids showed two polypeptides of molecular weight 75,000 and 55,000 not found in virions. Pulse-labelling of infected cells revealed eight major and three minor intracellular viral polypeptides. Viral polypeptide synthesis started at about 6 hours p.i. and correlated in time with double-stranded RNA synthesis. As soon as viral polypeptide synthesis was detectable, newly synthesized viral polypeptides were incorporated into intracellular viral particles. Radioactive viral polypeptides appeared without a longer lag period in extracellular viruses from 6 hours p.i. onwards