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Büssow, Harald; Eichhorn, Werner; Sotek, Jan; Sidoti, Josette (1990): Prevalence of antibodies to four different rotavirus strains in different age groups of cattle. In: Veterinary Microbiology, No. 25: pp. 143-151


Neutralizing antibody titers to four bovine rotavirus strains, representing three serotypes, were measured in 160 sera from cattle of different age groups. Age-specific seroprevalence analysis revealed serotype 6, represented by bovine rotavirus (BRV) NCDV, as the predominant rotavirus serotype infecting German cattle and serotype 10, represented by BRV V1005, as the least prominent. Infections with serotype 8, represented by BRV 678, occurred with intermediate frequency. Antibodies of young calves distinguished between NCDV and UK virus, two serotype 6 BRV strains differing in VP4 antigen