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Büssow, Harald; Snodgrass, David; Fitzgerald, Tracey; Eichhorn, Werner; Gerhards, Roswitha; Bruttin, Anne (1990): Antigenic and biochemical characterization of bovine rotavirus V1005, a new member of rotavirus serotype 10. In: Journal of General Virology, Vol. 71, No. 11: pp. 2625-2630


Bovine rotavirus (BRV) V1005 is serologically distinct from rotavirus serotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. BRV V1005 showed cross-reactions with BRV B223, the American prototype of serotype 10 rotavirus, and with BRV E4049, a British serotype 10 isolate. BRV V1005 was, however, not neutralized by four monoclonal antibodies directed against VP7 of BRV B223. Two-way cross-reactions were observed between BRV V1005 and a reassortant rotavirus containing the VP4 from BRV UK. In addition the major tryptic cleavage product of VP4, VP5*, from BRV V1005 is indistinguishable by peptide mapping and its isoelectric point from the homologous protein of BRV UK, but is clearly different from VP5* of BRV NCDV. The peptide map of VP7 from BRV V1005 differed from that obtained for VP7 of BRV UK