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Büssow, Harald; Rohwedder, Angela; Nakagomi, Osamu; Sidoti, Josette and Eichhorn, Werner (1994): Bovine rotavirus V1005 a P5, not a P12, type like all viruses in a German survey. In: Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Vol. 32, No. 11: pp. 2876-2879 [PDF, 841kB]


Bovine rotavirus (BRV) V1005, like 34 further cell culture-adapted strains in a 6-year survey in Upper Bavaria, Germany, is not a P12 but a P5 P-type rotavirus. The conclusion is based on dot blot hybridization with P1-, P5-, and P11-specific cDNAs, encompassing the VP8* region of major sequence diversity, and on PCR using P1-, P5-, and P11-specific primer pairs derived from the VP5* region of VP4 (VP5* and VP8*, respectively, are the larger and smaller tryptic cleavage products of VP4). Sequencing of the hyperdivergent region of VP4 confirmed the close relatedness of BRV V1005 to BRV UK, the P5 prototype virus

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