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Tumova, B.; Bachmann, P. A.; Eichhorn, Werner; Pfleger, A. and Stumpa, A. (1989): Further evidence of the circulation of PMV-4 and influenza viruses with N2 - 1957 enzyme in migratory waterfowls. In: Acta virologica, Vol. 33: pp. 573-576 [PDF, 593kB]


I n the years 1980—1984, one paramyxovirus type 4 and 11 influenza viruses were isolated from cloacal swabs collected from migratory waterfowls in Fed. Rep. Germany. One influenza virus of H4N8 subtype was isolated from swabs of commercial ducks collected at an abbatoir. Seven of 10 influenza strains, isolated from mallard clucks and coot were identified as a mixture of 2 —3 strains of H l , H4, and Ho subtype; 3 virus strains from the same locality relate antigenically to subtype H4 w i t h enzyme serologically identical with N2 — Singapore/57 as demonstrated by means of polyclonal and monoclonal antibody.

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