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Hirsch, Stephan; Aitken, Alastair; Bertsch, Uwe and Soll, Jürgen (1992): A plant homologue to mammalian brain 14-3-3 protein and protein kinase C inhibitor. In: FEBS Letters, Vol. 296, No. 2: pp. 222-224 [PDF, 358kB]


We have isolated cDNA clones of Spinacea oleracea L. and Oenothera hookeri of 930 and 1017 base pairs, respectively. The open reading frame deduced from the Oenothera sequence codes for a protein of a calculated molecular mass of 29 200. The primary amino acid sequence exhibits a very high degree (88%) of homology to the 14-3-3 protein from bovine brain, and protein kinase C inhibitor from sheep brain. Subsequently the plant protein was partially purified from leaf extract. The partially purified plant protein inhibited protein kinase C from sheep brain in a heterologous assay system. The active fraction consisted of 5–6 different polypeptides of similar molecular size. One of these proteins crossreacted with a peptide-specific antibody against protein kinase C inhibitor protein from sheep brain.

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