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Dobler, J.; Schulz, H. H. and Zinth, Wolfgang (15. April 1986): Generation of femtosecond light pulses in the near infrared around λ = 850 nm. In: Optics Communications, No. 57: pp. 407-409 [PDF, 232kB]


Femtosecond light pulses tunable between 840 nm and 880 nm are generated in a synchronously pumped ring dye laser. The laser emits nearly bandwidth-limited pulses (Δv tp = 0.45) with pulse durations down to 65 fs. At a pumping power of 450 mW of a mode-locked Ar-ion laser (λ = 514 nm) the infrared femtosecond dye laser has an output of up to 15 mW.

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