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Soll, Jürgen; Schultz, Gernot (1979): Comparison of geranylgeranyl and phytyl substituted methylquinols in the tocopherol synthesis of spinach chloroplasts. In: Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol. 91, Nr. 3: S. 715-720




Geranylgeranyl substituted methylquinols are shown to be precursors of tocopherol biosynthesis in spinach chloroplasts as well as phytyl substituted ones. The geranylgeranyl substituted quinols are methylated even to a greater extent than the phytyl substituted ones. The connection to the so far known biosynthetic origin of -tocopherol is probably -tocotrienol which is hydrogenated to γ-tocopherol and then further methylated to -tocopherol.