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Maierl, Johann; Reindl, S.; Knospe, Clemens (1997): Notes from an anatomical point of view concerning epidural anaesthesia in the cat. In: Tierärztliche Praxis, Vol. 25, No. 3: pp. 267-270
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The topographic-anatomical situation of the conus medullaris and thecauda equina in cats is shown: In about two thirds of the cases theconus medullaris at least reaches the level of the first sacralvertebra. As far as the site of the epidural injection is concerned thesacrococcygeal space or the first intercoccygeal space are proposed inorder to avoid damage to the spinal cord. When seeking the site ofinjection it is advantageous to orientate oneself by following thesacral processus spinosi in caudal direction beginning with thelumbosacral space. In case of adipose animals the first intercoccygealspace can be palpated by moving the tail up and down. Both sites areequivalent. The volume to be injected varies between 0.3 and 0.9 mlsolution per cat depending on the needs.