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Zechmeister, R.; Gerhards, Hartmut; Maierl, Johann (2000): Palatoschisis totalis mit Aspirationspneumonie bei einem drei Monate alten Warmblutfohlen. In: Pferdeheilkunde, Vol. 16, No. 6: pp. 565-567
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In fools, palatoschisis occurs in a frequency of approximately 1 parts per thousand within the scope of a deformity. In most clinical cases apalatoschisis is followed by on aspiration pneumonia ca using death or euthanazation of the concerned fool. Operative intervention is already described in the Veterinary literature. Because of ii’s invasivity the operation of this deformity causes much pain for the individual and contains poor prognosis. This article reports on the clinical, endoscopical and computed tomographic findings in an affected, threemonth old colt. The dimension of the palatoschisis is shown in computed tomographic scans, the simultaneous imaging of lung scans becomes possible. The diagnosis obtained thereby is confirmed by postmortal examination. At the end of the paper the possibilities of computed tomography in the field of inner organs like the lung are discussed.