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Kenngott, Rebecca; Sinowatz, Fred (2008): Expression and distribution of intermediate-filament proteins and laminin during the development of the bovine Mullerian duct. In: Anatomia, Histologia, Embryologia, Vol. 37, No. 3: pp. 223-230
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The expression pattern of several intermediate-filament proteins (vimentin, cytokeratin 8, 18 and19) and the basal lamina component laminin was investigated in the Wolffian and the Müllerian ducts of bovine embryos and fetuses. The material studied comprised sexually undifferentiated stages [crown-rump length (CRL) 0.9 cm/1.0 cm/1.2 cm/1.9 cm/2.5 cm] and female stages (CRL 3.0 cm/4.2 cm/5.1 cm). Laminin could be demonstrated in the basal lamina of the developing Wolffian and Müllerian duct as well as in the stroma surrounding the Müllerian duct. The intermediate-filament protein vimentin was expressed in the mesothelium of the funnel field and in the epithelium of the Müllerian duct in all studied specimens, whereas the epithelial cells of the Wolffian duct only showed vimentin expression from a CRL of 2.2 cm onwards. In the cranial part of the Müllerian ducts only a few cells stained with pan-cytokeratin antibodies, whereas mesothelium and epithelium of the Wolffian duct showed as distinct immunostaining in all investigated stages. Both genital ducts showed no immunostaining with the antibody against cytokeratin 19 at any time of development. We conclude from our immunohistochemical results that the epithelial cells of the Wollfian duct do not contribute cells to the developing Müllerian duct.