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Hart, Ulrike; Wildner, Manfred; Kramer, Daniela; Crispin, Alexander (February 2018): Analyse von Daten aus der Einschulungsuntersuchung zur Evaluation von Fordermassnahmen in Kindertageseinrichtungen im Landkreis Biberach. In: Gesundheitswesen, Vol. 80, No. S01: S12-S21
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To evaluate the benefits of implementing measures to promote skills in the areas of language, mathematics and singing in kindergardeners by statistical analysis of data collected during the school entrance examination (ESU) of 4-5-year-old children from the county of Biberach. Study 1 employs multivariate regression analysis to analyse - in chronological order - the ESU data on 4 cohorts (2011-2014; n=7 148) of children of the Biberach county. Study 2 qualitatively compares identical data representative of the entire state of Baden-Wurttemberg (N=3x80 000) with the Biberach results. Study 3 focuses on the cohort 2014 in Biberach county (n=1 783) and employs logistical regression techniques to correlate curriculum content and child development. There are significant performance improvements in the Biberach population (2011-2014) in the development of language and early mathematics, as well as in visual comprehension and visuomotor skills, but not in the area of gross motor skills. Similar improvements are much more difficult to demonstrate for the entire state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The detailed analysis of the 2014 Biberach County data reveal that kindergardeners with increased exposure to mathematics will have a decreased risk of failure in early mathematics (OR 0.72) and grammar skills (OR 0.53-0.75). Children with speech impairment or children not fluent in German that had extra language tutorials, typically in small groups and 4 times a week for 30 min, still have a higher risk of failure in all developmental aspects, save gross motor skills (e. g. OR 3.32 in grammar skills, OR 3.08 for hyperactivity). Programs with emphasis on singing have little effect on the above data. The risk of failure in German language is high (OR 2.78) for those of non-German backgrounds, but less in visuomotor skills (OR 0.52) and hyperactivity (OR 0.51). Statistical analyses show positive correlation of curriculum content and early child development for the kindergardens in Biberach county. The gains in performance are consistent with those reported from kindergardens known for pedagogical excellence.