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Löhmannsröben, H. G.; Langhals, Heinz (1989): Laser performance of perylenebis (dicarboximide) dyes with long secondary alkyl chains. In: Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, Vol. 48, Nr. 6: S. 449-452


The laser performance and related photophysical properties of two very soluble perylene dyes with long chain secondary alkyl groups were investigated in cyclohexane solution. With a dye laser as pump source a tuning range of 555–580 nm was obtained at an optimum concentration of 3×10–4 M. The quantum efficiencies (=0.29 and 0.21) were better than 1/2 that of rhodamine 6G. No photodegradation was observed over an excitation period of several hours.