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Ali, Mazhar N.; Schoop, Leslie M.; Garg, Chirag; Lippmann, Judith M.; Lara, Erik; Lotsch, Bettina; Parkin, Stuart S. P. (2016): Butterfly magnetoresistance, quasi-2D Dirac Fermi surface and topological phase transition in ZrSiS. In: Science Advances, Vol. 2, No. 12, e1601742


Magnetoresistance (MR), the change of a material's electrical resistance in response to an applied magnetic field, is a technologically important property that has been the topic of intense study for more than a quarter century. We report the observation of an unusual "butterfly"-shaped titanic angular magnetoresistance (AMR) in the nonmagnetic Dirac material, ZrSiS, which we find to be the most conducting sulfide known, with a 2-K resistivity as low as 48(4) n Omega.cm. The MR in ZrSiS is large and positive, reaching nearly 1.8 x 10(5) percent at 9 T and 2 K at a 45 degrees angle between the applied current (I parallel to