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Teichgräber, U.; Aschenbach, R.; Scheinert, D.; Zeller, T.; Brechtel, K.; Thieme, M.; Blessing, E.; Treitl, M.; Lichtenberg, M.; Flowtow, P. von; Vogel, B.; Werk, M.; Riambau, V.; Wienke, A.; Lehmann, T.; Sixt, S. (2016): The effectiveness of the paclitaxel-coated Luminor (R) balloon catheter versus an uncoated balloon catheter in superficial femoral and popliteal arteries in preventing vessel restenosis or reocclusion: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. In: Trials 17:528


Background: The aim of this investigator-initiated trial is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the novel Luminor (R) paclitaxel-coated drug-eluting balloon (DEB) catheter (iVascular, S.L.U., Barcelona, Spain) in inhibiting restenosis and in ensuring long-term vascular patency. Methods/design: This is a multicenter randomized controlled trial to evaluate the Luminor (R) paclitaxel-coated DEB catheter for stenotic or occlusive lesions (length <= 15 cm) in the superficial femoral artery (SFA) and the popliteal artery (PA) up to the P1 segment compared to the noncoated, plain old balloon angioplasty (POBA) catheter. In total 172 subjects will be treated with either the DEB catheter or the POBA catheter in 11 German study centers in a 1: 1 randomization study design. The primary endpoint is late lumen loss (LLL) at 6 months. Secondary endpoints are patency rate, target lesion/vessel revascularization, quality of life (assessed with the Walking Impairment Questionnaire (WIQ) and the EQ-5D), change of Rutherford stage and ankle-brachial index, major and minor amputation rate at the index limb, number of dropouts and all-cause mortality. Discussion: EffPac represents a randomized controlled trial that will provide evidence on the effectiveness of the Luminor (R) paclitaxel-coated DEB catheter for the reduction of restenosis compared to the POBA catheter for the SFA and the PA. The results of EffPac will allow direct comparison to other already-completed RCTs applying paclitaxel-coated DEBs from different manufacturers with different coating technologies in the same target vessel.