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Mitic, G.; Koelzer, J.; Otto, J.; Plies, E.; Soelkner, G.; Zinth, Wolfgang (1. Februar 1994): Time-resolved transillumination of turbid media. Quantification and Localization Using Diffuse Photons in a Highly Scattering Medium, 3. - 5. September 1993, Budapest, Ungarn.


The suitability and limits of time-resolved transillumination to determine inner details of biological tissues are investigated by phantom experiments. The achievable improvement is demonstrated by using different phantoms (absorbing objects embedded in a turbid medium). By means of line-scans across a sharp edge the spatial resolution and its dependence on temporal resolution can be determined. To demonstrate the physical resolution according to the Rayleigh-criterion, measurements were performed on blackened bead pairs. Investigations with partially transparent beads demonstrate the high sensitivity of time-resolving techniques with respect to variations in scattering or absorption coefficients.