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Althausen, Dietrich; Emeis, Stefan; Flentje, Harald; Guttenberger, Josef; Jäckel, Simon; Lehmann, Volker; Mattis, Ina; Münkel, Christoph; Peters, Gerhard; Ritter, Christoph; Wiegner, Matthias; Wille, Holger (2016): Standards – An Important Step for the (Public) Use of Lidars. In: EPJ Web of Conferences, Vol. 119, 23023


Lidar standards are needed to ensure quality and lidar product control at the interface between lidar manufacturers and lidar users. Meanwhile three lidar standards have been published by German and international standardization organizations. This paper describes the cooperation between the lidar technique inventors, lidar instrument constructors, and lidar product users to establish useful standards. Presently a backscatter lidar standard is elaborated in Germany. Key points of this standard are presented here. Two German standards were already accepted as international standards by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Hence, German and international organizations for the establishment of lidar standards are introduced to encourage a cooperative work on lidar standards by lidar scientists.