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Emde, Claudia, Buras-Schnell, Robert, Kylling, Arve, Mayer, Bernhard, Gasteiger, Josef, Hamann, Ulrich, Kylling, Jonas, Richter, Bettina, Pause, Christian, Dowling, Timothy and Bugliaro, Luca (2016): The libRadtran software package for radiative transfer calculations (version 2.0.1). In: Geoscientific Model Development, Vol. 9, No. 5: pp. 1647-1672 [PDF, 2MB]

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libRadtran is a widely used software package for radiative transfer calculations. It allows one to compute (polarized) radiances, irradiance, and actinic fluxes in the solar and thermal spectral regions. libRadtran has been used for various applications, including remote sensing of clouds, aerosols and trace gases in the Earth's atmosphere, climate studies, e.g., for the calculation of radiative forcing due to different atmospheric components, for UV forecasting, the calculation of photolysis frequencies, and for remote sensing of other planets in our solar system. The package has been described in Mayer and Kylling (2005). Since then several new features have been included, for example polarization, Raman scattering, a new molecular gas absorption parameterization, and several new parameterizations of cloud and aerosol optical properties. Furthermore, a graphical user interface is now available, which greatly simplifies the usage of the model, especially for new users. This paper gives an overview of libRadtran version 2.0.1 with a focus on new features. Applications including these new features are provided as examples of use. A complete description of libRadtran and all its input options is given in the user manual included in the libRadtran software package, which is freely available at http://www.libradtran.org.

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