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Yang, Tianan; Shen, Yu-Ming; Zhu, Mingjing; Liu, Yuanling; Deng, Jianwei; Chen, Qian; See, Lai-Chu (2016): Effects of Co-Worker and Supervisor Support on Job Stress and Presenteeism in an Aging Workforce: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 13, No. 1


We examined the effects of co-worker and supervisor support on job stress and presenteeism in an aging workforce. Structural equation modelling was used to evaluate data from the 2010 wave of the Health and Retirement Survey in the United States (n = 1649). The level of presenteeism was low and the level of job stress was moderate among aging US workers. SEM revealed that co-worker support and supervisor support were strongly correlated (beta = 0.67;p < 0.001). Job stress had a significant direct positive effect on presenteeism (beta = 0.30;p < 0.001). Co-worker support had a significant direct negative effect on job stress (beta = -0.10;p < 0.001) and presenteeism (beta= -0.11;p < 0.001). Supervisor support had a significant direct negative effect on job stress (beta = -0.40;p < 0.001) but not presenteeism. The findings suggest that presenteeism is reduced by increased respect and concern for employee stress at the workplace, by necessary support at work from colleagues and employers, and by the presence of comfortable interpersonal relationships among colleagues and between employers and employees.