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Eisele, Marion; Bussche, Hendrik van den; Koller, Daniela; Wiese, Birgitt; Kaduszkiewicz, Hanna; Maier, Wolfgang; Glaeske, Gerd; Steinmann, Susanne; Wegscheider, Karl and Schön, Gerhard (June 2010): Utilization patterns of ambulatory medical care before and after the diagnosis of dementia in Germany. Results of a Case-Control Study. In: Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, Vol. 29, No. 6: pp. 475-483

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Aims: To analyze how the diagnosis of dementia changes the utilization of the ambulatory medical care services in the German statutory health insurance. Methods: In this case-control study, claims data of 1,848 insurants aged ≧65 years with incident dementia and 7,392 matched controls were compared regarding their utilization of ambulatory medical care services. Results: We found an increase in the utilization of ambulatory medical care services by demented patients of 50% in the year before and of 40% in the year after the incidence, predominantly in primary care and neurology/psychiatry settings. A negative interaction effect of age and gender (p ≤ 0.000) was found regarding the number of visited physicians. Conclusion: Service utilization by demented patients increases already within the year before the first diagnosis and stays on a relatively high level within the year after. Especially (female) patients aged 80 years and older at dementia onset ought to be observed to prevent a possible undersupply.

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