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Schade, Christian and Mayr, Herbert (1988): Solvolyses of diarylmethyl chlorides. A comprehensive stability scale for diarylcarbenium ions. In: Tetrahedron, Vol. 44, No. 18: pp. 5761-5770 [PDF, 714kB]


Eleven donor substituted diarylmethyl chlorides have been solvolyzed in ethanol. The rate constants, determined at 25°C, and additional ethanolysis data taken from the literature have been connected with solvolvsis rate constants, determined in other solvents, to construct a stability scale for 74 diarylcarbenium ions, covering a rate range of> 1012. Correlation equations are given which allow the calculation of solvolysis rates in other solvents, of equilibrium constants, and of rate constants for reactions involving diarylcarbenium ions.

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