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Erhardt, E.; Foraita, R.; Pigeot, I.; Barba, G.; Veidebaum, T.; Tornaritis, M.; Michels, N.; Eiben, G.; Ahrens, W.; Moreno, Luis A.; Kovacs, Eva and Molnár, Dénes (2014): Reference values for leptin and adiponectin in children below the age of 10 based on the IDEFICS cohort. In: International Journal of Obesity, Vol. 38, No. Suppl. 2: S32-S38

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Objective: To establish age- and sex-specific reference values for serum leptin and adiponectin in normal-weight 3.0–8.9-year old European children. Subjects and methods: Blood samples for hormone analysis were taken from 1338 children of the IDEFICS (Identification and prevention of Dietary- and lifestyle-induced health Effects in Children and infantS) study cohort. Only normal-weight children aged 3.0–8.9 years were included (n=539) in our analysis. Using the General Additive Model for Location Scale and Shape, age- and sex-specific percentiles were derived. The influence of under/overweight and obesity on the proposed reference curves based on normal-weight children was investigated in several sensitivity analyses using the sample without obese children (n=1015) and the whole study sample (n=1338). Results: There was a negative age trend of adiponectin blood levels and a positive trend of leptin levels in boys and girls. Percentiles derived for girls were generally higher than those obtained for boys. The corresponding age-specific differences of the 97th percentile ranged from −2.2 to 4.6 μg ml−1 and from 2.2 to 4.8 ng ml−1 for adiponectin and leptin, respectively. Conclusions: According to our knowledge, these are the first reference values of leptin and adiponectin in prepubertal, normal-weight children. The presented adiponectin and leptin reference curves may allow for a more differentiated interpretation of children’s hormone levels in epidemiological and clinical studies.

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