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Nasseh, Daniel; Engel, Jutta; Mansmann, Ulrich; Tretter, Werner; Stausberg, Jürgen (2014): Matching Study to Registry data: Maintaining Data Privacy in a Study on Family based Colorectal Cancer. MIE 2014, September 2014, Istanbul.


Confidentiality of patient data in the field of medical informatics is an important task. Leaked sensitive information within this data can be adverse to and being abused against a patient. Therefore, when working with medical data, appropriate and secure models which serve as guidelines for different applications are needed. Consequently, this work presents a model for performing a privacy preserving record linkage between study and registry data. The model takes into account seven requirements related to data privacy. Furthermore, this model is exemplified with a study on family based colorectal cancer in Germany. The model is very strict and excludes possible violations towards data privacy protection to a reasonable degree. It should be applicable to similar use cases which are in need of a mapping between medical data of a study and a registry database.