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Lindörfer, Doris; Mansmann, Ulrich (October 2017): Data for the elaboration of the CIPROS checklist with items for a patient registry software system. Examples and explanations. In: Data in Brief, Vol. 14: pp. 494-497
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The data presented relates to the publication “Enhancing Requirements Engineering for Patient Registry Software Systems with Evidence-based Components” (Lindoerfer and Mansmann, 2017) [1], which describes the strategy behind the development of the CIPROS checklist. This manuscript also compares CIPROS with general requirements specification templates, and standards. The data is shortly described in Section 2.4 and presented in Appendix A. The examples represent the material extracted from the literature used in qualitative analysis. The explanations summarize the example contents from which the CIPROS checklist was created. Patient registries are a crucial part of medical research. High quality registries use efficient information systems software selected from a wide variety of existing software solutions. An efficient selection process requires focused selection criteria. The evidence-based CIPROS checklist [2] accelerates this requirements engineering process. CIPROS was developed in a multistep procedure: (1) A systematic literature review provided an exhaustive collection of relevant publications (64 articles), (2) a catalogue of relevant criteria was derived by a qualitative content analysis, and (3) the checklist containing 72 items was composed which provides a minimal appraisal standard. The data presented per checklist item provide the relevant textual information (examples) and a first qualitative summary (explanation). The examples and explanations provide the background information on CIPROS. They elucidate how to implement the checklist items in other projects. The literature list and the selected texts serve as a reference for scientists and system developers.