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Pfitzner, Rebecca and Koenigstorfer, Joerg (23. October 2017): Corporate Running Event Participation Improves Organizational Climate in Employees. In: Journal of Global Sport Management: pp. 1-18

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Employees worldwide participate in third-party organized corporate running events, where their employer sponsors employees’ event participation. The impact of participation on organizational climate and its boundary conditions have not been researched to date. The purpose of this study is to assess whether organizational climate improves in employees who participate in corporate running events (vs. non-participants) and whether employees’ motivation for physical activity influences this relationship. Data were collected from 96 university employees before and after the event. Organizational climate and employees’ affiliation (vs. achievement) motivation for physical activity were assessed. Organizational climate improved in participants; there was no effect in non-participants. There was a positive effect of participation on organizational climate at mid-levels and the strongest effect at high-levels of affiliation motivation; there was no effect at high-levels of achievement motivation. It is recommended that employers promote employees’ participation in corporate running events and address affiliation motives for physical activity.

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