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Bein, Thomas; Schmidt, Friedrich and Jacobs, Peter A. (1985): Photolytic and thermolytic decomposition products from iron pentacarbonyl adsorbed on Y zeolite. In: Zeolites, Vol. 5, No. 4: pp. 240-244 [PDF, 957kB]


Zeolite supported iron systems obtained by photolysis and thermolysis of Fe(CO)5/Na---Y adducts are characterized via evaluation of the respective magnetic isotherms taken with a FONER magnetometer at T = 4.2 K. Thermolysis under fast heating in inert gas and under fluidized shallow bed conditions completes within a few minutes at not, vert, similar 500 K, and gives iron clusters of which at least 70 to 90 wt% is smaller than 1 nm. Prolonged photolysis at 290 K in the same fluidized bed conditions does not result in the formation of ‘naked’ iron(O) clusters, but gives a limited fraction of magnetically coupled Fex(CO)y entities. Photodimerization cannot be excluded to be the main reaction path.

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