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Borvornwattananont, Aticha; Möller, Karin and Bein, Thomas (1989): Organometallic fragments in microporous solids: intrazeolite chemistry of (cyclooctatetraene)iron tricarbonyl. In: Journal of Physical Chemistry, Vol. 93, No. 10: pp. 4205-4213 [PDF, 1MB]

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The intrazeolite reactivity of (COT)Fe(CO)3 (COT = cyclooctatetraene) [ 11 in faujasites having different levels of Bronsted acidity was examined with extended X-ray absorption fine structure, vibrational, and temperature programmed desorption/mass spectrometric techniques. The data show that the precursor complex [l] associates with Na-Y zeolite, resulting in symmetry changes of the Fe(C0)3 fragment while 1 remains chemically intact. If (COT)Fe(CO)3 is adsorbed into highly acidic H-Y zeolite at room temperature, bicyclo[5.1 .O]octadienyliron tricarbonyl cation is formed in a clean reaction. This reaction corresponds to the protonation of 1 with noncoordinating acids in homogeneous solution. At elevated temperatures, the carbonyl ligands are cleaved off and the remaining organo-iron fragment is anchored to framework oxygens of the large zeolite supercages.

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