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Zuppiroli, L.; Beuneu, F.; Mory, J.; Enzel, Patricia and Bein, Thomas (1993): The low-field conductivity of zeolite-encapsulated molecular wires. In: Synthetic Metals, Vol. 57, No. 2-3: pp. 5081-5087 [PDF, 614kB]


The first measurements of an upper bound for the low-field conductivity of a molecular wire are presented here. We were able to encapsulate polypyrrole with chain lengths more than 10 monomers within the channels of different zeolites. Although the chains are fully oxidized by intrazeolite Fe3 + ions, and should conduct (when included in a bulk polymer), they do not exhibit, in the zeolite, significant ac conductivity up to 1 GHz. This suggests that other strategies than low field conductivity are needed to inject charges and transmit information through isolated molecular wires.

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