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Bauer, Michael W.; Knill, Christoph and Eckhard, Steffen (2007): International Public Administration. A New Type of Bureaucracy? Lessons and Challenges for Public Administration Research. In: Bauer, Michael W.; Knill, Christoph and Eckhard, Steffen (eds.) : International Bureaucracy. Challenges and Lessons for Public Administration Research. Public Sector Organizations, London: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 179-198

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This concluding chapter takes stock of what we have learned about International Public Administrations (IPAs) in order to identify general patterns as well as to improve our understanding of potential implications for further public administration (PA) research. It brings to the fore particular challenges that emerge when the discipline of PA ventures beyond its classical focus on national or subnational bureaucracies. Our main argument is that IPAs constitute a genuinely new type of bureaucracy. The structures and processes of IPAs are familiar in many important respects, but the conjoint occurrence of distinct contextual factors and their effect on the behavior and strategies of international administrations make them unique. This becomes visible in a set of distinctive behavioral patterns. Our study of IPAs thus both challenges and confirms the PA perspective on the current transformation of the state and its institutions.

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