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Niemann, Antje; Schwaiger, Manfred (2016): Consumers' Expectations of Fair Data Collection and Usage A Mixed Method Analysis. In: Proceedings of the 49th Annual Hawaii international Conference On System Sciences (HICSS 2016). IEEE Computer Society. pp. 3646-3655
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Understanding consumers' expectations of fair data collection and usage (CEFD) in an online environment is critical in a time when the analysis of customer data is increasingly important for companies. Drawing on the psychological contract and justice theory, this study developed a holistic picture of customer expectations by applying a two-stage research design. In stage 1, in-depth interviews with customers and experts were conducted to gain an overview of customer expectations. In stage 2, results from an online survey among German consumers were analyzed. In general, customers expect a simplification of privacy statements and easier control options and are willing to switch to a competitor if it better fulfills expectations. Women and older respondents have higher expectations than men and younger respondents. A short field study of online retailing websites shows that companies are currently not fulfilling customer expectations. Managerial implications are derived to improve this situation.