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Harbeck, N.; Gluz, O.; Christgen, M.; Braun, M.; Kuemmel, S.; Schumacher, C.; Potenberg, J.; Kraemer, S.; Kleine-Tebbe, A.; Augustin, D.; Aktas, B.; Forstbauer, H.; Tio, J.; Liedtke, C.; Kates, R. E.; Wuerstlein, R.; Haas, S. L. de; Kiermaier, A.; Kreipe, H. H.; Nitz, U. (2016): Final analysis of WSG-ADAPT HER2+/HR+ phase II trial: Efficacy, safety, and predictive markers for 12-weeks of neoadjuvant TDM1 with or without endocrine therapy versus trastuzumab plus endocrine therapy in HER2-positive hormone-receptor positive early breast cancer. In: Cancer Research, Vol. 76
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.