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Schröder, Christian; Hölzer, Andreas; Zhu, Ge; Woiczinski, Matthias; Betz, Oliver B.; Graf, Helena; Mayer-Wagner, Susanne and Müller, Peter E. (2016): A closed loop perfusion bioreactor for dynamic hydrostatic pressure loading and cartilage tissue engineering. In: Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 16, No. 3, 1650025

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In the present study, a novel bioreactor for dynamic hydrostatic pressure loading that simultaneously permits medium perfusion was established. This bioreactor enables continuous cultivation without manual attendance. Additional emphasis was placed on a simple bioreactor design which was achieved by pressurizing the medium directly and by applying pressure loading and perfusion through the same piping. Straight forward pressure control and at the same time maintaining sterility were achieved by using a peristaltic pump including inlet and outlet magnetic pinch valves connected with a real-time control. Cell tests using chondrocytes were performed and similar cell proliferation rates in the bioreactor and in the incubator were found. We conclude that the novel bioreactor introduced here, has the potential to be easily applied for cartilage tissue engineering on a larger scale.

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