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Hubertus, J.; Pohl, A.; Schmid, I. and Schweinitz, D. von (2016): Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy is Feasible for Suspected Adrenal Tumors in Children Younger than 24 Months of Age - But is it Always Justified? In: Klinische Padiatrie, Vol. 228, No. 3: pp. 135-138

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Introduction: Tumors of the adrenal gland are rare in children younger than 24 months of age. While neuroblastomas are most important in this age group, adrenal hemorrhage and other tumors are sometimes difficult to distinguish. Harvesting biopsies is mandatory in these young patients to obtain information on molecular markers, namely, MYCN and 1p deletion. Patients: Between 03/2012 and 10/2013, 11 patients younger than 24 months of age with suspicious adrenal tumors were operated on laparoscopically. Methods: The diagnostic workup was coordinated by our pediatric oncologists according to the terms of the NB2004 trial protocol. Results: 9 out of 11 had a diagnosis of neuroblastoma, the others were adenoma respective complete necrosis of the adrenal gland. All of the neuroblastomas were negative for both MYCN amplification and 1p deletion. A complete resection was successful in 9 out of 11 cases. 3 complications occurred, 1 major and 2 minor. Discussion and Conclusion: Behind the recognition that laparoscopic adrenalectomy is technically feasible, the fact that all neuroblastomas were negative for MYCN amplification and 1p deletion raises the issue of whether biopsy is mandatory for risk stratification in this age group.

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