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Zimmermann, T.; Beckebaum, S.; Berg, C.; Berg, T.; Braun, F.; Eurich, D.; Herzer, K.; Neumann, U.; Rupp, C.; Sterneck, M.; Strassburg, C.; Welker, M.-W.; Zachoval, R.; Gotthardt, D. N.; Weigand, K.; Schmidt, H.; Wedemeyer, H.; Galle, P. R.; Zeuzem, S. and Sarrazin, C. (2016): Empfehlungen zur antiviralen Therapie der chronischen Hepatitis C bei Patienten auf der Warteliste und nach Transplantation. In: Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie, Vol. 54, No. 7: pp. 665-684

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With the approval of new direct acting antiviral agents (DAA), therapeutic options for patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection are now generally available before and after liver transplantation (LT). Interferon-free DAA regimens are highly effective therapies and provide a good safety profile. However, the body of clinical evidence in this patient population is limited and the best treatment strategies for patients on the waiting list with (de) compensated cirrhosis and after LT are not well defined. The following recommendations for antiviral therapy in the context of LT are based on the currently available literature and clinical experience of experts in the field, and have been discussed in an expert meeting. The aim of this article is to guide clinicians in the decision making when treating patients before and after LT with DAAs.

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